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At Mainstream Fisheries we take pride in being one of the leading companies in the UK's fisheries and aquaculture industry. We provide a wide range of services across the UK.
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Aquatic Plant Supply

Control – Environmental

By introducing indigenous plants to reduce the nutrient level in the water and strategic planting of willows and alders to reduce the light around the pond.

Control – Mechanical

By cutting weeds and rushes with our specialised equipment. This method is used when chemical methods are not accepted.

Control – Biological

Introducing certain species of fish such as carp, bream, and grass carp will help reduce weed growth.

All staff are qualified to NPTC standards: PA-1, PA-2A, PA-5A, PA-6B. All Environment Agency consents must be obtained before any work is carried out.


Mainstream Fisheries can supply a full range of aquatic plants (floating, submerged and marginal) direct to the customer. These can be purchased bare rooted or potted. We also provide a full delivery and planting service.
Mainstream Fisheries Ltd are the number one aquatic plant supplier in the UK.

Aquatic Plants

Aquatic plants come in various shapes and sizes, suitable for different aquatic environments.
As part of our environmental control methods, we can supply and introduce the right plants to control the nutrient level in the water.

Aquatic plants are split into three basic categories – floating, submerged and marginal.
Floating plants are not rooted in the soil and instead float on the water’s surface.
Submerged plants are rooted in the lake bottom and live completely underwater.

A few species have leaves or flowers on the surface of the water, such as water lilies. Others, such as hornwort, spend their lives completely submerged. Marginals are a category of aquatic plants that are rooted underwater but most of the plant is above the surface. Bulrushes are a good example of this type of plant.