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At Mainstream Fisheries we take pride in being one of the leading companies in the UK's fisheries and aquaculture industry. We provide a wide range of services across the UK.
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Fish farms

One of the leading fish farming companies in the UK

Mainstream Fisheries supply and deliver many species of coarse fish. We guarantee a high standard of quality in all the fish produced at our fish farms.

Coarse Fish

In the UK, game fish are those historically sought by the upper classes. In the 19th Century, Salmon, Trout and Dhar were the traditional ‘game fish’ and the only types acceptable to the nobility.Other freshwater species were less than fashionable. These were labelled ‘coarse fish’ and only suitable for the lower classes.

Today, coarse fishing is a popular pastime, and ranges from simple angling for pleasure, in which the aim is simply to relax and catch whatever you can, to match fishing, which is a contest to catch the most fish in a specific period. Sometimes anglers try to specimen hunt, during which they try to catch the largest specimen of a specific type of fish they can. Coarse fish include species such as Carp, Perch, Roach, Tench and Bream.

Please see our prices page for more information.

All our fish are kept to a high standard, whether they are reared in the indoor rearing systems or cropped from the out ponds. All coarse fish, once on site, are kept in isolated tanks with spring water flowing through them which keeps them at a constant ten degrees centigrade. A mixture of oxygen and air can be provided to keep the oxygen at 100% saturation and reduce harmful gases, such as ammonia and nitrogen, to a minimum. Once the fish have been graded into sizes and orders they are loaded onto a fish transport trailer.

This trailer is fully equipped with petrol driven air blowers and oxygen blowers and oxygen cylinders, again this is to give the fish an air oxygen mixture. All the transport tanks are thermally insulated so there will be no temperature change while the fish are in transit. Once the fish arrive at the customer’s lake, all delivery vehicles have a set of platform scales on board and if you wish all the fish can be weighed off the vehicle.

All fisheries and cropping water must be registered with the Fish Health Inspectorate CEFAS.

You are also required to obtain a Stocking Permit from the Environment Agency before any fish introductions. Full details can be found at


As a company we try to keep delivery costs at a minimum. Therefore we try to accommodate as many deliveries on a given day as possible to keep the costs to a minimum. However the customer may state the day and time of delivery. The size of the order will determine whether there will be a charge for this service.


Payment is due in advance or on delivery for all coarse fish unless otherwise agreed.


Each fish can be dye-marked to monitor movements and growth rates.