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At Mainstream Fisheries we take pride in being one of the leading companies in the UK's fisheries and aquaculture industry. We provide a wide range of services across the UK.
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Fish Removal

A full range of nets and high voltage electro fishing equipment are carried on the vehicle at all times.

Larger nets such as 300 metre x 9 metre depth are stored at the fish farm and these are ideal for the larger lake.

We have have had nets manufactured with lead line or weights at the bottom – this helps us to combat the problem of lakes with silty bottoms. Nets with lead lines are used for silty bottom lakes and nets with weights are used for gravel bottom lakes.

  • We have a full netting team and are able to carry out full or sample surveys.
  • We have a high voltage electro fishing equipment – 7.5 KVA High voltage 2 anode and 7.5 KVA High voltage 6 anode Boom Boat.
  • We have a selection of fish cages of various sizes and a number of fish traps and fyke nets.

With our full range of equipment we can cover every eventuality and can almost certainly guarantee there would be no problem in catching the fish whatever obstacle we had to overcome.

A full range of fish tagging equipment is available to mark and monitor fish growth and movement.