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At Mainstream Fisheries we take pride in being one of the leading companies in the UK's fisheries and aquaculture industry. We provide a wide range of services across the UK.
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Weed Control

Mainstream Fisheries have gained a wide range of experience in the removal of unwanted weeds, grasses and vegetation.

We expanded into ground spraying several years ago as a request from present customers who were unable to find a reliable ground spraying contractor. Now we offer a complete service to all our customers.

Staff are fully qualified to NPTC standards: PA-1, PA-2A, PA-5A, PA-6B. Certificates can be shown on request.

Health and Safety Standards are met at all times.

Honda quad bikes are fitted with specially developed low pressure tyres. They can tackle all types of terrain and gradients, while leaving little impact on the environment.

All our Honda quad bikes are fitted with the following:

Logic sprayer with 190 litres capacity, 3.5 metre booms with hedge row nozzle, hand lance with 15 metre hose for the hard to reach places. All booms are fitted with brake back clutches on each wing to ensure no damage when working close to fences and hedges. All nozzles can be operated individually therefore one nozzle will give you a swath width of approximately one metre, which could be either behind the bike or to the side, ideal for kerb edges and hedge rows. Two nozzles would give two metres swath width and again this can be to the left or right side of the quad bike or to the rear. Normal application for a two metres swath width would be four metres for the larger areas. The large capacity of 190 litres enables us to have more spraying time as we would not need to keep stopping to refill with water. Normally 190 litres of water and concentrate will last all day. This will also apply to the hand lance. The hand lance is ideal for working in shrub belts and in confined areas, just as you would use a normal knapsack.
We have a range of weed wipers from 1.5 metres suitable for small areas such as footpaths an field margins. The larger weed wipers are 2.5 metres wide for more open spaces.

Our broadcasters will spread a wide range of products including herbicide granules, grass seed, fertiliser, slug pellets, rape seed and grain. Spreading range of 14 metres.

Standard knapsacks are also used if required for those special sensitive areas, where machinery is not permitted.


Hedge rows, forestry, kerb edges, highways, paving, crops, scrub land, golf course, caravan sites, industrial estates, parks and gardens, development sites and sensitive areas such as SSSI and David Bellamy award winning sites